About Us

supra2nv®️ and team manufacture high performance , safety grade, glow in the dark, photo luminescent products. Whether you need to illuminate a dark space for safety purposes or need materials for your own unique creations, we have you covered.

Our finished products range from wearable every day carry glow products such as glow cards, pendants , dog tags, beads, to semi finished items for artists and creators such as machinable glow sticks and more .

Supra2nv®️ products are made from Bright AF Glow®️ safety grade rigid glow resin. Glow resin is made with supra2nv®️ europium doped glow pigment. BPA free, phthalate free, non toxic, non radioactive, inert. Glow performance will never fade . Supra2nv®️ glow resin will not yellow or degrade over time. Rechargeable photo luminescent glow for use as a rechargeable mini glow stick when paired with a flashlight. Use with white light , UV, or the sun.

A glowing green bar of soap sitting on top of a table.
A green rubber stamp with the word " suprax bright algae ".

Our Team

supra2nv®️ is a member of Photluminescent Safety Association. supra2nv®️ consists of a joint venture with a small team of Aerospace and Mechanical engineers. Manufacturing process is in house, vertically integrated and USA made . In house capabilities include manufacturing glow in the dark resin products, resin and silicone vacuum castings, 3D printing services (SLA and SLS) , CAD modeling services, rapid prototyping, CNC machining. Prior to the addition of photo luminescent technology to the team, supra2nv®️’s engineering team members have an established history of working with various government agencies, universities, and laboratories (unrelated non-Glow Products). The team's past projects included engineering, fabrication, and prototyping tasks. We are now combining the team’s existing skill set and expertise into our newly created supra2nv®️ glow in the dark products.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help with your unique or customized glow in the dark needs.

Made in USA Ships from California. Beware of imitations or fake listings on the internet. I sell direct to consumer and makers only via eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and this Website.

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