BrightAFGlow®️ Glow vinyl card/ID holders


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supra2nv ®️  Glow vinyl card/ID holders are in stock. $70 plus $11 shipping Accessorize your supra2nv glow cards with cardholders made with Supra2nv ®️ glow “pleather” (flexible vinyl material). Has two credit card slots in front and a cash slot in the center. Each slot is designed to fit a supra2nv glow card, which is standard credit card size but 4 millimeters thick (4 normal credit cards stacked). So this cardholder will fit my 4mm thick glow card or multiple normal cards stacked. The cardholder is extremely bright, but is currently my 3rd brightest item I make. Rigid Cards are 1st brightest. Glow stick alternative that fits in your pocket. Recharge with the sun, white light, or UV light unlimited times. Excellent companion to your flashlight and glow card in a power outage situation. Alternative light source or signal. 4 layers thick, stitched, with no liner and no branding for a minimalist look. (Caution: does NOT have RFID blocking) materials made by my team in the USA. Vinyl is phthalate free and safe to touch.

Cardholder is stitched by a wallet maker in Southern California.
This is an accessory to my glow cards, but can double as a minimalist ID/credit card holder.

Limited availability.
$40 plus $11 shipping.
Currently, Available in Bright AF Green.